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If you have been arrested for a Woodstock, IL DUI charge, you probably have many questions.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI in Woodstock IL, you’ve probably already been placed in a scary, embarrassing situation.
You’re probably asking yourself, How did this happen?  What will my family, friends, and co-workers say about me?  What do I do next?

At this point, you’re starting to realize that even the accusation of DUI can have a serious and damaging effect on your life, even though you’ve not been tried or convicted yet.  You’re already being treated like a criminal – you probably have been breathalized, handcuffed, searched, finger-printed, had a mug shot taken,  your personal property confiscated (i.e., keys, wallet, purse, vehicle impounded), and placed in a holding cell.  Whether or not you are released on your “own recognizance”) will depend on the seriousness of your DUI (e.g, did you injure anybody? or were there additional charges?), your DUI and criminal history, your standing in the community, having close family members in the community, and so one.  If you are not released, then you will be required to post bail.

After you’ve been released, the first and best thing you can do is to lawyer up and hire the best DUI attorney you can afford, or ask that a public defender be assigned to you.  Winning a DUI case may be difficult, but a good lawyer should be able to establish a viable and credible defense that will at least offer you a fighting chance.

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