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The McHenry County DUI Laywer

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Extremely Diligent

I am greatly appreciative of the time, effort and expertise you invested into my recent case. You and your staff were extremely diligent and thorough and made a continuous effort to keep me well informed. I am pleased with the outcome you were able to obtain and felt reassured throughout the process. Your transparency and good will is certainly a valued asset from the client perspective.

Thank you for your assistance and I would be happy to recommend you and your firm in the future.


Very Experienced

Mr. Franks is extremely good at what he does, defending his client. I am very satisfied with my outcome. Mr. Franks does his very best and possible to win the case in my favor. He’s very experienced. All three different times of my cases he won all three in my favor!

His staff was always very respectful.

K.D. – Algonquin, IL

Direct & Gets to the Point

I retained David Franks after receiving my 2nd DUI in 5 months. Needless to say, this was extremely frightening, and sure to be a game changer in my life for years to come. I was distraught and depressed. Early on in my case, Mr. Franks informed me my chances to retain my driver’s license were “slim to none”. It was a harsh call to reality indeed. I attempted to mentally prepare to go from 6 months to 5 years without my driver’s license. “It is what it is” means more to me now.

Fast forward 10 months to a favorable (exceptionally so) outcome on both of my DUI cases, and the ability to retain my driving privileges. David Franks is a good lawyer because he states the facts honestly (helping you to hopefully become scared straight) and pulls the only possible rabbit out of the hat. David Franks is brutally honest, direct to the point/subject, and obtains the best possible outcome.

I benefited because I retained a confident lawyer who delivered a favorable outcome on my case. And, second, a new lease on life and a fresh start at the ripe old age of 66+ years old.

Marlo and Dimitra are friendly, informative, caring and professional to say the least. They were indeed a huge help in navigating the rough waters of these last 10 months during the ordeal of my pending litigation. Mr. Franks, Marlo and Dimitra are indeed the best there is in their respective field.

The expertise and kindness you have exhibited during the defense of my DUI cases during the past 10 months is greatly appreciated! I now look forward to living out the balance of my years as a positive role model to my family.

Charles H. – Lake in the Hills, IL

Worked Efficiently

David Franks was very efficient in resolving my case and had a fantastic result. Franks was always on time and worked efficiently. I met with him and he gave me all of the necessary video footage and documentation for my DUI and he explained everything we had very thoroughly. He expressed realistic results of my case.

I felt very important to the Staff. Whenever I would call the Staff was always very friendly and would send frequent reminders of court dates.

He informs me of all the steps in resolving my case and worked really hard to get the best results.

Q.P. – Crystal Lake, Illinois

Professional and Informative

I have used Franks & Rechenberg 3 or 4 times. I felt very “safe” and secure when David Franks was with me. He seemed very concerned about my case. He is not “flashy” and is not a show off. The benefit that I valued the most from Franks & Rechenberg was just the general outcome of my case.

His staff is professional, and they seemed very “informed” on my case.

David Franks obtained a favorable outcome for me in my DUI case.

Daniel H. – West Dundee, IL

Saved My Future

David Franks saved my job, my future, my kids’ future. He is very nice and what matters the most, he actually cared. He is a great lawyer. He just doesn’t take your money, he works it out so to benefit your future. He gets results. Mr. Franks works miracles.

The staff always were helpful with any questions. Honestly, they were great. They didn’t treat you like a client. You were treated as family.

I recommend this firm to family, friends, everyone if they were arrested for a DUI. The Latino community. The whole state of Illinois.

He saved my life! Great job. Thank you and God bless.

Nick D. – Carpentersville, IL

Kind and Courteous

Mr. Franks is a true professional and got the job done.  I hired him hoping to get my DUI dropped and that’s exactly what happened and you can’t argue with results.  When I told people the outcome of my case they couldn’t believe it especially those who had received a DUI in the past.  Mr. Franks is kind and courteous and shows great passion for his work.  I was impressed by the scrupulous way in which my case was handled.  It’s not often you get more that what you paid for.  Taking the time and spending the money to get the right people is a crucial lesson I learned.

Mr. Franks is one of the more personable people I’ve met and turned what should have been a very stressful situation into a situation where I felt confident in a positive outcome.

His staff was very kind and were able to answer all of my questions in a very timely fashion.

I would gladly recommend David Franks to family and friends if they ever need a DUI Attorney.

Eric L. – Batavia, Illinois

Kept in Close Contact 

David Franks is a modern day miracle worker. He has a genuine interest in his clients and will work passionately for them. During the initial consultation I felt as though he was very engaged in the conversation. He made it very easy to recall the significant moments of my arrest. He was very straight forward; not once did I feel uniformed or in the dark about the progress of my case. I felt as though they gave my case much attention and consideration. The consistency of the letters and phone calls kept me feeling confident in their abilities.

The staff was fantastic, always welcoming, informative, incredibly friendly and engaging. They made it very easy to open up about my feelings about the situation and seemed to genuinely care about what I had to say.

I want to personally express my gratitude for your handling of my case. It’s hard for me not to understate my appreciation. This whole ordeal was holding me back from committing to so many things and now I feel like I can finally move on with my life, thanks to you. Thank you for staying in close contact with me. I appreciated your being honest with me about the potential outcomes; preparing for every possible scenario gave me an opportunity to reflect on the direction of my life and really organize my priorities.

I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney.

Tyler R. – Cary, Illinois

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