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How to Help Your DUI Case

Take your DUI arrest seriously and do not attempt to defend yourself – retain the services of an experienced DUI Lawyer.

Do not fail to appear in Court as required. You risk the Court issuing a warrant for your arrest.

If you do choose to appear in Court without an attorney, do not accept the prosecutor’s first offer. It is unlikely the prosecutor will offer to reduce or dismiss the charge. Do not give up your right to require the State to prove its case against you.

Do not speak with others about your case. You may unintentionally make statements which will turn others into witnesses against you.

Prepare a list of potential witnesses. But, do not investigate your own case.

Hire a competent DUI attorney as soon as possible. The law is complex and the risks are great. You need competent representation and legal ability to take advantage of your constitutional rights and counter the prosecution and the state’s resources.

Do not hire an attorney based on fees alone. Attorneys who request low fees are likely to do little work.

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