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Tips for Avoiding DUI Conviction

Getting pulled over is never a good omen, especially when you are under the influence.

From risking your and your loved ones’ lives to bagging a severe penalty, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you drive after drinking.

Here are a few tips and tricks to protect you from harsh penalties, trouble as well as harm’s way.

Keeping BAC low

Blood alcohol content (BAC) helps law enforcement agencies determine if a person is driving under the influence. So, your goal must be to keep BAC levels low.

Here’s what you must do: eat a few snacks before, during, and after an appropriate amount of alcohol consumption.

This method slows down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream leading to a value that is hopefully not as high as 0.08% BAC.

Don’t Get Pulled Over.

According to several legal experts specializing in traffic tickets, most people are not pulled over for DUI. Instead, several DUI convictions begin when a driver is stopped for not wearing a seat belt, going over the speed limit, or for a failing blinker.

Therefore, it is crucial to reduce the instances of getting pulled over, especially when you have had a few drinks. Ultimately, wearing a seatbelt, keeping the car in good condition, and following traffic rules become more essential to prevent any chances of DUI conviction.

Staying Alert

Slow reaction time, fumbling gestures, and drunk speech can lead you to prison faster than anything else. One way to ensure your slower reaction time does not land you in trouble is to keep your license and vehicle documents within a hand’s reach.

Additionally, you must keep your conversation to a minimum. Only answer the basic questions, and refrain from giving any information that can be held against you.

Staying Aware

The law requires law enforcement agencies to disclose all DUI checkpoints. Hence, you can find information about DUI checkpoints on the local police’s website or community paper.

Mere knowledge of where you could be pulled over for DUI can help you drive safely and responsibly.

Getting A Designated Driver

The smallest decisions can have the most significant impact. Following the same philosophy, you must consider letting someone else drive or call a cab if you are under any form of influence. Not only will it save you from legal trouble, but it also keeps everyone else safe from personal injury.


While you absolutely should avoid drinking and driving, know that getting pulled over for DUI doesn’t have to lead to jail time or suspension of your driver’s license.

With the help of professional attorneys at Franks & Rechenberg, you can come out of any and all legal issues unscathed.

Isn’t that just what you want?