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How To Avoid A DUI Charge

Jul 15, 2019 | Blog, DUI, McHenry County DUI Lawyer

Drinking and driving are two behaviors that should never be done together- especially since you are putting yours and others’ lives at risk. The consequences of being charged with a DUI are extensive. Repercussions may include an expensive fine, increased insurance rates, loss of driving privileges, jail time, and more. There are parties and other special events that may call for a drink or two, but you need to remember that you should always avoid putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation on the road.

Here are tips to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding a DUI charge:

Avoiding alcohol altogether when you know you will be driving later on is always the best option. If you still plan on drinking, having a designated driver is another go-to option.
Always remember that your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) continues to increase, even after you finish consuming alcohol. Be wary of the amount of alcohol you allow in your system.
Having food in your system may decrease the effects of alcohol. Snack while you are drinking in order to slow down the symptoms of drinking alcohol. You can also consume non-alcoholic drinks simultaneously for a similar result.
Be aware of the amount you are drinking. Do not have any drinks if you cannot determine how much alcohol they contain. Know how much you are consuming. Limiting yourself to one drink per hour will help your BAC remain low.

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