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How To Steer Clear Of First Offense DUI Consequences

Jun 15, 2019 | Blog, DUI, McHenry County, McHenry County DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a behavior that should always be prevented, but even if you are accused of a DUI, you should still fight against jail time, charges, and other repercussions. There are various factors that can lead to an individual receiving a DUI, which is why it is crucial to review what factors can dismiss you from your first DUI charge. 


These components of a DUI case can dismiss the first-time offense altogether: 


  • An officer is required to have probable cause in order to pull you over for a DUI. This includes signs of dangerous and impaired driving. If an officer does not have probable cause, then there is a chance the case may be dismissed. 
  • Whether you are or are not guilty of driving under the influence, inappropriate police conduct can completely wipe out DUI charges. 
  • Certain factors, such as incorrect usage and malfunctions can cause inaccurate breath test results. Challenging the results of this test can increase your chances of the DUI case being dropped. 
  • Medical conditions, including Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, heartburn, or acid reflux can also taint the results of a breath test. Presenting your medical condition as a defense tactic can prevent consequences. 
  • Alcohol can still linger in the mouth for multiple reasons, including dental work, burping, acid reflux, and heartburn. Posing the possibility of residual alcohol can result in dismissal of your case. 
  • Scientific evidence unique to the physiology of females- including how females absorb alcohol compared with males- can benefit female first-time offenders. 


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