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Dealing With the Stress of a DUI Case

Jul 21, 2020 | DUI, McHenry County DUI Lawyer

Stress emerges when you worry so much about the outcome of a case. In a DUI case, such a feeling is typical. Virtually every DUI case often span from certain factors like trauma and emotional stress. When arrested, this trauma is heightened, and getting it out of your head can be worrisome.

If you’re currently on this ugly rut and seek ways of escape, you’re on the right page. Here are some tips that would help you deal with the stress of a DUI case.

  1. Understand The Delay

Waiting for the case to kick-off can be draining and tormenting. No doubt, the waiting can be killing, but understanding the delay would help you manage stress better. The reason of this delay can be numerous since there are different kinds of cases on the court every day. Scheduling your case might take several weeks.

  1. Cut Back on Alcohol

When on a DUI case, one habit you should do away is alcohol. After all, that is what you got in trouble in the first place. Also, alcohol can act as a natural depressant. If you’re going through stress or depression, this can make things a lot worse. By cutting down your drinking, you will be able to think, sleep better, and have a better mode.

  1. Pick A New Interest

In case you have no idea, a DUI will massively have an impact on your life. A lot of DUI offenders confirmed feeling lost and alone. By picking up a new hobby, you will be able to scale through this hard moment. You can decide to learn a new language, a skill, or anything that helps calm your mind. It would also help in waiting since it could take some time to start exploring the case.

  1. Get Support

If the stress is getting somewhat overwhelming, seek support immediately. It would be your friends or family, perhaps your baseball buddies or a support group. There are numerous online and offline support meetings or gathering that you can help. If you have the bucks, you can see a therapist. They will be able to help understand your emotions and help you manage them. Take note that you don’t ever have to bear this alone. You made a mistake, and you don’t deserve the stress.

  1. Stop Beating Yourself

When you think about what you could have done to avoid this predicament, you might feel like jumping off a cliff. No matter how tempting that might be, never do that. Stop beating yourself up, but instead think of life after DUI. You need to continue moving; to continue fighting. You can’t do that if you’re always blaming yourself or beating yourself of things you should have done. Everybody makes mistakes; you learn from them and move on.


DUI can be a stressful ordeal, mainly if you’ve never found yourself in such a case before. However, understand that this is a phase, and you will pull through. Don’t allow stress or depression to get the best of you.

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