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Plea Bargaining and DUI’s

Sep 15, 2019 | Blog, DUI

Plea bargaining is a process where the defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutor reach a compromise. The defendant enters a guilty or no contest plea in exchange for a reduced fine or jail sentence. These are common in most DUI cases because the prosecutor gets to claim a “conviction” without having to go to trial.

Generally, a defendant will be able to get a more agreeable bargain when there are some holes in the prosecution’s case, whether a weakness with the arrest or any missing information from the police report.

However, a plea bargain is completely thrown out when the evidence is compelling. Though each case is unique, some factors include injuries to bystanders and/or a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

It is essential to know if a plea bargain is available in your case. Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. is here to represent you in your case in the McHenry County area. Through our effective strategies, we are able to defend each client to the fullest extent to get them the best deal.

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